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I hired Debi to build me a business website and manage it along with my Social Media. She created a presentation with every detail I wanted and more. Her skills, quality, and time invested were well above the cost.

She also redesigned my Facebook page and increased my views from under 50 to over 1400 in 3 weeks which generated new customers and sales. She's been a great asset and I am very pleased with her work and management.       


Marilyn G Painter    

Marilyn was my mom, friend, and client. Touched to learn of the tribute prior to her passing, she graciously participated in sharing her memories and memorabilia.  

Debi's work and suggestions all bore fruit. Our website and Facebook were unique, user-friendly, and well managed.   

Ellen M, Owner

Unique Finds-n-Furniture

Tazwell County, IL.

2014 - 2017

"Debi created a dynamic web presence for our church in 2015 as well as set up our social media and continues to manage them. She's easy to work with, very accessible and we couldn't be more pleased. We highly recommend her!" 


Teddi Dovan, Administrator                          Lake Mary, Florida       

Working with Debi since 2018 has been the most pleasant experience in every way! She is multi-talented, dedicated, and passionate in both work and relations. 


Debi's performance level is exemplified by her unrivaled customer support, attention to detail, anticipation of client needs, and timely preparation, over and above!


I am more than pleased with her multi-support services in admin, media, and marketing, and confident in her ability to serve your company's needs as well.  


Missy Conway, Owner/Broker/Realtor

Glamor Realty

Central Florida


I once was lost but now I am found! If you are a successful Realtor in today's market you are not doing it alone. After 40 years as a salesman and problem solver, I can tell you this, you need someone like Deb.


Please do not waste your time as I did trying to manage your marketing on you own... delegate your business to ultimate levels with a Concierge like her.  


Valerie Foerst, Realtor

"A Real Estate Doctor"

Lake County, FL.                                

Debi designed my business website. She asks questions and puts her talents to work. She created a theme that was awesome, understanding exactly what I needed and made it happen.

She carried the same theme through all my marketing tools, creating business cards,

letterhead, flyers, graphic Ads, and videos. Plus she set up and manages my social media. I recommend Debi as an A-1  Designer.

Sandy Kelly, Owner/Broker/Realtor        Sandy Kelly Realty 
Lake County, FL.
Navarro Landholdings

As per the doctor's recommendation, I was to go on a 'low residue meal' plan for about 6 weeks in 2021. Knowing Debi was an excellent chef, I hired her to plan, prepare and deliver refrigerated and frozen meals, each week in advance, for 6 weeks.


Debi proposed meals, asked for my input and we agreed on everything before moving forward. Keeping this testimonial short, the bottom line is this:  Had Debi offered to provide this service for the remainder of the year, I would have taken her up on it because I haven't eaten meals this good, consistently, ever. And, the price was right.  


- RAM (tough)

I hired Debi's services in March 2021, to create a tracking tool, formatted for a system I devised to increase sales and my customer base. I also needed source data curated and submitted on a weekly basis. Debi worked closely with me to perfect the template and streamline the process. Her work was timely, and she was accessible responsive, and accommodating.

I've been using the tracking tool and data service for 12 months now and my annual sales increased from $428k to $640k - that’s about 30%! Based on the system's proven success, Debi is now duplicating the service for other clients I directed her way, as I retire.  


Grady D. Painter




Massey Services, Inc

Million Sales - The Villages, FL

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